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Electronic Cigarettes Can Reduce Risks of Heart Disease

Smoking tobacco cigarettes is an easy habit to take up, yet it’s infinitely difficult to kick. Government authorities the world over have resorted to printing graphic and verbal warnings on packages, yet their effectiveness has yet to be determined. However, the times are changing, as the electronic cigarette becomes increasingly available to smokers the world over.

Smoke Tobacco Cigarettes, Risk Heart Disease

It’s no longer a surprise to anyone who considers taking up the habit of smoking regular tobacco cigarettes that the habit is closely associated with major health risks. Perhaps the most prevalent and perilous such risk is that of coronary heart disease. Experts have long since agreed that smoking kills—and it does so mercilessly, in incredibly large numbers. In the United States alone, 2.4 million people die because of heart disease each year, and it has been estimated that 440,000 of those killed are smokers. In brief, smoking would be the number one cause for death ahead of one’s time, as well as the one cause easiest to prevent.

Electronic Cigarettes Can Reduce Risks of Heart DiseaseSmoking tobacco cigarettes causes several side effects which most often develop into heart disease over time. Fat builds up in the arteries, causing them to clog, several types of cancer are also likely to develop in co-morbidity with heart disease and the lungs are overworked in trying to process all the additives and damaging chemical components of tobacco cigarette smoke. This ‘overtime’ that the lungs of a tobacco smoker are forced to put in will add up with atherosclerosis and result in coronary issues. The main effect of such health problems is a premature heart attack.

Expert Views on Electronic Cigarettes

However, while most tobacco cigarette smokers are aware of these extremely serious health risks that they are willingly exposing themselves to, many declare themselves unable to quit. Luckily enough, recent technological developments have led to the mass production and distribution of the electronic cigarettes. Health authorities were quick to express their stance on the benefits of these devices, which can be easily compared online. World Health Organization representatives have publicly stated that electronic cigarettes may prove a helpful aid for those who are trying to quit traditional, tobacco-based cigarettes.

What is more, the American Association of Public Health Physicians (or AAPHP) is publicly supporting the sales of these devices to all adults of legal age to smoke. The association has literally deemed the electronic cigarette a potential life saver for millions, who would otherwise go on smoking regular cigarettes. This, in turn, would continuously expose them to all the health-associated risks of that habit, not the least of which include lung cancers, throat cancers and cardiovascular diseases of the chronic type.

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