Getting rid of the Xmas Turkey

So I know it is a little after Christmas now but I was hoping to be able to share with you some tips when it comes to dealing with that leftover Xmas Turkey you might have. For my family and I we always are left with a good deal of Xmas Turkey, but with all the carnivores in my family it usually isn’t a problem. But over the years I’ve developed a few recipes myself and found some on the internet that will help you get rid of that Christmas Turkey.

For me a favorite and easy way to get rid of that excess Turkey is to make a simple Turkey sandwich and just add some cranberry sauce to give it that extra little flavouring. I am a big soup fan myself and can eat it all day, especially in winter. So why not take some of that extra Turkey and make some Turkey soup out of it? It’s easy to do and it’s a simple comfort food that everyone will love!

But my personal favourite thing to do with leftover Xmas Turkey has to be Turkey pot pie. For those of you who haven’t tried it, you are really missing out. It is quite simple really, and you can even freeze it which will allow you to enjoy it at a later time. Prep time is around 20 minutes and with cooking time only being an hour, this is a great meal that you can have on your plate quickly!

And it is an easy recipe to cook and easy to find online. My personal favourite site to find recipes is

I first found out about Turkey pot pie at a London restaurant that I visited with Groupon discount deals. My kids gave me a voucher for discounted deals on London restaurants for just being such a great mom I guess! Anyways, so I ordered the Turkey pot pie and have been in love with it ever since. I highly recommend Turkey pot pie for all the Turkey lovers out there.

So I hope my little tips have helped you come up with some good ideas to get rid of that excess Xmas Turkey that always seems to be around.

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