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Is your injury minor or major?

Everyday people are injured in some way.  They can slip and fall in their own home or in the market or on the sidewalk of their town. They can be injured as they cross the street, while driving in their car and injuries can also happen where they work.  Each injury has its own cause and its own treatment and if you know first aid, you are one step ahead of the treatment that is needed.  It is important that each one of us know the difference between minor and major injuries so we know whether a trip to the hospital is needed.

Minor injuries are things like sprains, strains, cuts that require stitches, infections, simple fractures/broken bones, skin irritations and minor burns.  These can happen in your home or they can develop over time.   A major injury would be a heart attach, stroke, a head injury that caused unconscious and any type of deep wound. If your injury was caused by someone else, then you have the right to file a personal injury claim.  Information on this subject can be found online when you know you need to get compensation for your injury.   Maybe you have been injured before and know your situation falls into this category but you want some advice.  A personal injury claim can also include psychological illness, medical negligence and illnesses that are work related. To know is you are eligible for compensation, you must speak with a personal injury lawyer.

Nobody ever wants to be injured but it seems no matter how careful we drive, do our job or watch were we walk, an injury can happen and always when we least expect it.  In the workplace, an injury can be as minimal as a paper cut, to serious falls, broken bones or severe trauma.  A slip on a wet floor at work might have you saying that you’re OK now, but a few days later, you could have back pain that keeps you from walking.  This is when a minor injury can turn worse which is why all work related injuries must be reported.

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