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Top 10 Ways To Look Beautiful Without Wearing Makeup

No doubt, every woman urges to look attractive and desirable all the time without wearing makeup. Major portion of women assumes that they can look attractive only by wearing makeup but, it is not the case. Interestingly, looking beautifully without makeup is not something beyond access. Below are few of the easiest ways to look gorgeous and stunning without makeup

  • 1. Proper diet and exercise

Proper diet enriched with fresh vegetables and fruits keep skin fresh and shiny. Adequate amount of water and fresh juices works wonder. Moreover, light exercise like swimming and brisk walk is the best tactic to add colors and natural glow to cheeks.

  • 2. Proper hygiene

Natural skin demands maximum care and attention. It is highly important to protect skin from harsh weather by wearing quality sunscreen with at least SPF 15. Keep your skin moisturize all the times. Keep your eyes save from harmful rays by wearing right kind of quality shades. Protecting skin and eyes is highly imperative for ladies spending considerable time outside.

  • 3. Skin care

Not wearing makeup doesn’t mean to spoil your skin because fresh and healthy skin works wonder in boosting up self-confidence. Wash your face at least twice a day. Make use of proper day and night cream as it gives sample time to skin to heal from stress and unsightly blemishes.

  • 4. Adequate rest

Don’t remain under stress because it makes you look older and shaggy. If you can’t handle it because of tough routine it is highly suggested to find ways that helps to fight stress in the best possible way. Spare some time on weekends and enjoy a family vacation at your favorite place or a beach where you get relief form stress and boredom of your work.

  • 5. Adequate sleep

Girls having dark circles under eyes are impossible to look attractive. Make sure that you got beauty sleep of about 8 hours every night. It freshen your skin and gives relief from stress and tensions.

  • 6. Proper hair do

Neat and tidy hair plays an important role to give beautiful looks naturally. Wash hair thrice a week with quality and suitable shampoo and conditioner. Perfect hair style adds to your beauty and gives an appealing look to your charisma.

  • 7. Trimmed eye brows and upper lips

Hairy and bushy girls look weird and girls with properly trimmed and shaped eye brows look elegant and fashion savvy. Walking with untrimmed eye brows and upper lips doesn’t looks well giving an unkempt and untidy appearance. Similarly, your hands and feet need waxing after every 15 days.

  • 8. Suitable and comfortable fashion

Adopt a fashion that suits your personality and more importantly, you feel comfortable with. It is nice to update the closet with trendy attires but, wear them nicely and carry wisely to spell a lasting impression.

  • 9. Pampering yourself

Girls often overlooked the importance of body massage, manicure and pedicure. But, it is the best way to be rejuvenated and relaxed. You will feel rejuvenated and refreshed after having a spa treatment as it enhances the blood flow and makes skin and hair healthy and fresh.

  • 10. Natural lip balm and eyelash curler

These are the two things that make a huge difference. Eyelash curler perks up your eyes by making plain lashes fuller, darker and looker. At the same time, natural balms protect lips as well as make them smoother and brighter.

Every woman has the right to know about the reality that these are few handy and simple ways to look attractive and presentable. Moreover, reality is men are attractive toward those women who look beautiful naturally than, the women having layers of makeup paints with expensive cosmetic accessories.

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