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What are the Benefits of Peppermint Tea?

Tea is one of the oldest drinks known to man, and it is known for so many health benefits. Peppermint tea is one type, specifically containing menthol as an active ingredient. What are the improvements that it brings about on our bodies? Research has shown that menthol helps alleviate diarrhea, pain from headaches, as well as colic from infants. In addition, peppermint has the elements calcium and potassium, and includes the B vitamins. The peppermint oil menthol is famous for promoting proper digestion and helps avoid the formation of gallstones. It acts as a soothing agent to the gastrointestinal tract, lining, and eases the pain experienced from cramps in the stomach.

The B vitamins on the other hand, aid in increasing concentration and performance in our brains and nervous systems both central and peripheral. Gaining all these benefits can be done through the many ways of preparing peppermint. You can prepare it as the common tea drink or as part of a bath. Either way, there will be natural healing in particular diseases. If you have a stomach ache, simply have a cup of peppermint tea after every meal. In the process, sore throat will heal and be prevented if you gargle some of it at least thrice a day. You may also add a quart of the tea to your bath. This will speed up the recovery from skin disease.

How to Prepare Peppermint Tea

How do you prepare peppermint tea? All you need is half an ounce of peppermint leaves and a quarter of an ounce of camellia leaves. Mix the two and get one teaspoon for every cup of tea. Put them all together and blend in boiling water for seven to ten minutes. Strain afterwards. This tea goes back many generations, and it manages to exist because it works. See for yourself the great results by including it in your diet.

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