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Why Athletes Use Steroids and Why They Are Against the Rules

Each year, more people have become interested in the world of gyms or sports, whether for weight loss or even some medical implication. Like any other physical activity, the work we do in the gym is related to muscle action and performing the task, where the muscles are in constant contraction and relaxation, bringing a healthier life.

However, every good thing has its bad side, and in sports there is one that has become more and more fashionable – the high use of anabolic and steroids. You can buy steroids online or even in competitions. So the questions remain if the use of steroids is so dangerous and even prohibited in professional sports, why do athletes still use it? Why are they so harmful? And why are they prohibited? Let’s try to understand it a little better.

What are Anabolic Steroids, and Why Do Athletes Use Them?

Anabolic steroids are manufactured drugs that have the function of increasing the male hormone testosterone, which is responsible for helping the growth of muscles (an anabolic effect).

Many people need to use these anabolic steroids for medical advice as a treatment to produce a sufficient and necessary amount of testosterone, but the use is mainly to improve the performance of athletes in their sports, or just to increase muscle mass and reduce body fat when exercising at the gym.

The drug is known by many sportsmen and bodybuilders exactly for demonstrating how it improves the resistance and performance, and the demand for great development mainly happens in the Olympic phase is absurdly high. These drugs are found and sold in the form of pills, capsules, or intramuscular injections.

Why Are Anabolic Steroids Harmful, and Why Are They Banned from Competitions?

Like any other type of medication, the excessive and wrong use of anabolic steroids cause several side effects, and although there are people who defend their use, there are also those who condemn the use of these substances, especially in competitive sports.

These overused drugs increase their irritability and aggressiveness, in addition to making users commit aggressive acts, such as physical fighting, theft, or even using force to obtain something in return, making it difficult to maintain a good personal and work life. Although its use leaves many athletes dependent on the drug, it does not induce the use of heavier drugs.

In sports competitions, its use is prohibited, and if the athlete is caught using this type of substance, he will be automatically disqualified and punished by the responsible entity for the competition. Showing that the reason for its prohibition is due to the harm it brings to personal, physical, and emotional health, and also because it increases the athlete’s performance illegally and dishonestly.

Final Thoughts

The men and women who use this drug often lead to an increase of body and facial hair, acne, hair loss, voice thickening, irregular menstrual cycles, and testicular dysfunction, in addition to hypertension and heart diseases.

Anabolic steroids can and will improve your conditioning at a specific time, but you can be sure that they will harm you physically and mentally in the future. Because they are illegal, these drugs can only be used and sold to those who have a prescription, and if it is medically necessary.

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