An introduction to protein shakes

Protein shakes are the most ubiquitous tool in any bodybuilder’s arsenal. Whilst there are countless other tools at hand – harder substances, dubious raw egg cocktails – it is the humble protein shake which has become synonymous with muscle gain, and hugely popular as a result.

What has surely driven the popularity of the protein shake is its ease of use. With nearly everyone taking a water bottle to the gym, just adding a little of the flavoured protein powder to the bottom of the bottle before heading out is a simple but effective way of taking in the protein supplement.

Protein has been long known as a substance which provides the building blocks on which to grow muscle. With the demanding regimes undertaken by bodybuilders in search of their ideal physique, it became quit clear that a protein-rich diet was the best way of giving your body a nudge in the right direction. With this came the advent of protein shakes and supplements, offering a fluid that would also assist with the training regime.

Whilst most people can drink protein shakes, they are more highly recommended for those who are either vegetarian or those who are career bodybuilders.

As vegetarians cut red meat out of their diets, so too do they cut out some of the biggest sources of protein around. If they also don’t eat eggs, they will be getting very little compared to a carnivorous peer. Therefore, they will benefit much more from protein shakes than most others, whatever size or shape they are.

Career bodybuilders, on the other hand, need it to amass the large bulk for which they have become known. A standard, balanced diet will not provide enough protein for them to reach the desired heft, so protein shakes and supplements are some of the easiest and best ways of achieving this.

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