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The Best Remote Speakers for Televisions

Watching television has become a staple of entertainment today. While we sit long hours in front of the television to watch our favorite series or program, the quality of audio the TV produces makes the experience more enjoyable.

However, most TVs today, even those smart, 4K, and ultra HD TVs, don’t really produce great sound quality and offer the best listening experience. Though they may have excellent video quality, the sound wouldn’t match the quality of the picture.

So, if you are one of those people who are not satisfied with the audio level of your television and looking for some trouble-free solution, wireless remote TV speakers are probably the best choice.

Wireless Remote TV Speakers

Wireless technology has been in use for quite some time, and it has become popular in recent days. People love the convenience of using devices without wires. The introduction of Bluetooth technology has led to the development of wireless devices like wireless headphones and headsets. The popularity of these wireless devices further enabled the implementation of Bluetooth technology in various devices as wireless remote speakers for televisions.

Wireless speakers are available in different kinds for different purposes: there are portable wireless TV speakers, wireless soundbars, home theater systems, large party speakers, multiroom speakers, and even waterproof wireless speakers that you can use while having a shower.

There is also a wireless remote TV speaker for hard of hearing which aids hearing-impaired people or seniors to watch TV with clearer and louder sound quality. 

Why Should You Buy Remote Speakers for Televisions?  

Here are a few reasons for you to buy remote TV speakers.

People with some kind of hearing impairment or age-related hearing loss may often require additional remote TV speakers for the clarity of sounds. Wireless headphones may seem a great choice over remote TV speakers, but they are not convenient having them on the head all the time. So, opting for portable wireless TV speakers for hard of hearing is a great solution.

How Do the Remote TV Speakers Work?

The remote speakers for televisions consist of two wireless speakers and a wireless transmitter. The wireless transmitter sends the audio signal to the wireless speakers to prevent cable connections from running from the transmitter to the speakers.

You can just place the wireless remote TV speaker near you while watching TV and enjoy your favorite programs with rich and clear sound quality. Some remote TV speakers wireless also feature voice enhancement software to make all the dialogues clearer and louder for people with hearing issues.

Anyone but not necessarily hearing impaired can make use of these wireless remote TV speakers. If you are one of those, who are not satisfied with the TV speakers and need something that would produce louder and clearer audio bringing a more immersive listening experience, the remote speakers for television are a wonderful idea.

Types of Wireless Remote TV Speakers

The remote TV speakers vary based on the different types of connections similar to those of wireless TV headphones.

The three types of connections include- Bluetooth, Radiofrequency (RF), and Wi-Fi.

While Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections are commonly used, here is how the remote TV speakers work through RF technology.

RF Wireless TV Speakers

Just like RF headphones, the RF TV speakers use radio frequencies to receive the sound. There will always be a base that always comes along with RF remote TV speakers. The base works as a transmitter and a charging station. It must be connected to your TV through the available audio output ports and powered.

The RF remote TV speakers produce sound instantly without delay as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speakers sometimes cause sound lag. However, there shouldn’t be any obstacles between the receiver and the transmitter.

The speaker and base need not necessarily be in light of sight as the RF signal will pass through one or multiple rooms. But there is a chance they may get weaker, and the reception won’t be good, so set up accordingly.

With all these in mind, find the perfect wireless remote speakers for your TV.

There are some great portable wireless TV speakers available in the market. Picking the best from a wide range of devices would be daunting, so here we help you with the top choice among many.

SEREONIC Wireless TV Speakers for Hard of Hearing

The SEREONIC Wireless TV Speakers for Seniors and Hearing Impaired are one of the most popular choices in the market. This speaker allows you to hear and enjoy your favorite TV series or movies with louder and richer sound quality. It’s simple to use and compatible with all televisions, including the latest Smart TVs with digital audio output.


  • It’s lightweight and portable.
  • Completely wireless
  • Amplified audio to produce more precise sound quality compared to built-in TV speakers
  • Long-lasting with a built-in user-replaceable rechargeable battery, back up to 8 hours
  • Snooze Function to decrease volume and automatic shut off
  • Analog and Digital optical options for audio connectivity
  • Voice clarifying technology and tone control setting to make TV dialogues clearer

Why should you buy it?

  • Best for hearing impaired producing a crystal-clear audio quality
  • Easy to install and simple to use with an optical cable
  • Improved sound clarity
  • Independent volume control from the TV
  • Allows you to carry up to 100 feet away from the audio source
  • Portable, so you can carry it anywhere
  • Available at an affordable price

This wireless remote TV speaker also allows you to connect to your TV with the HDMI cable using the HDMI converter that comes along with the speaker and to streaming video services such as Netflix by using the Dolby Digital converter. 

SEREONIC Wireless TV Speaker for hard of hearing is an updated model featuring more specifications to make your TV watching experience more pleasurable.

In all, the SEREONIC Portable Wireless TV Speakers are the perfect choice for anyone to watch TV without any strain. No more blaring volume closed captions or watching TV on mute! Simply plug the transmitter into the audio-out ports of your TV, cable-box, or music system and enjoy watching your favorite shows with crystal clear dialogues all the time!

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