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Could patio fruit trees move you closer to your five-a-day?

In recent years, the UK Government and a number of health organisations have backed a campaign to encourage people to consume more fresh fruit and vegetables. However, reports suggest that many of struggle to consume the recommended ‘five-a-day’.

There are many reasons for this, of course; from our hectic lifestyles and preference for less healthy snacks to the cost of buying fruit. But there are ways to overcome these challenges and add more fruit and veg to our diets.

Another trend over the last few years has been the increasing popularity in smoothies – a blended drink, usually combining different fruits and sometimes yogurt and other ingredients. If you’re not a big fan of eating fruit, possibly because of its texture, a smoothie provides a great alternative way for you to get the goodness fruit provides by allowing you turn it into a delicious drink.

Smoothies are also a great time-saver. Because our jobs, commutes and social lives often make it difficult to find the time for eating several pieces of fruit each day, a smoothie is a great way to consume them quickly.

Sadly, the fruit smoothies you find in your local supermarkets are often quite expensive, making them impractical for the majority of people of us to enjoy day-to-day. Buying fruit to make your own smoothies at home is an alternative option, but again the costs can be a barrier.

This is where miniature fruit trees that allow you to grow your own can be a great option. You can buy very affordable patio fruit trees, which provide delicious portions of fruit year-after-year. Whether you want citrus fruits, peaches, strawberries, apples or something a little different, patio fruit trees can make it easy for you to enjoy smoothies day after day.

Furthermore, these miniature fruit trees are a great feature for your garden. They add colour to your patio and don’t grow too high, so are perfect even if you have a small outdoor space.

So if you’re concerned about your five-a-day, patio fruit trees are the answer.

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